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– It's no secret we're a transparent House, and it's the people who make it a House of trust.

1.About the company

– A Visionary Streak.

About the company - Gysemans Clothing Group

Throughout his career in the fashion industry, Belgian entrepreneur Marc Gysemans has had a privileged relationship with designers. His flair for creativity and style -as well as his clear and precise understanding of fashion- helped him grow his business gradually. Since 1986, he has taken some extreme statements and turned them into a commercial reality.

His working relationship with Raf Simons -one of the industry’s most prolific and influential designers- is a great illustration of his skills. Gysemans has worked with famous names, but is also keen on supporting young talent.

With more than 25 years experience in fashion, he offers his clients expertise, guidance and the right kind of strategy when it comes to production, distribution and development.

2. Services

– A Varied and Flexible Offer.

Services - Gysemans Clothing Group Services - Gysemans Clothing Group Services - Gysemans Clothing Group

On the one hand, Gysemans Clothing Gro -service-gysemans-clothing-group_1.jpgup offers services to designers who produce large quantities, whether they be in the ready-to-wear, high-end or demi-couture segments. On the other, Marc Gysemans works with designers who are willing to develop their collections, often starting with a simple sketch. He also facilitates licensing agreements for womenswear and menswear lines, collaborating with prestigious partners. The ultimate goal is to turn a designer’s vision into an outstanding product. GCG assists designers with their production, adapting easily if quantities increase. Besides giving the right kind of consultancy, GCG delivers a diverse range of services, from full coordination and production planning to distribution supervision and logistics management. With more than 25 years in the business, the company has its own teams and factories, guaranteeing high standards. Quality, honesty and integrity are paramount.

2.1. Development

– Preliminary Sketch to Final Piece.

Services - Gysemans Clothing Group

Gysemans Clothing Group has made collection development one of its major assets. Together with his clients, Marc Gysemans looks into relevant and adequate strategies, adding value to the final product. Correcting mistakes -and dealing with certain discrepancies- both play a fundamental part within the process, making sure the outcome remains professional. Throughout the prototyping and pricing steps, cutting-edge software provides the designers with precious tools, allowing them to manage their time and resources better. Cost can be calculated precisely and addressed accordingly, working out margins in a more efficient manner.

2.2. Production

– Efficient Solutions for Every Client.

Services - Gysemans Clothing Group Services - Gysemans Clothing Group

Gysemans Clothing Group provides its clients with cost-effective and appropriate schemes, from sample prototyping and licensing to manufacturing and outsourcing. Designers and brands are treated with care, using a rigorous, reliable and tailor-made approach. Marc Gysemans respects a designer’s vision, never interfering in his or her creative process. Accompanying clients throughout the production process -from preliminary sketch to finished piece- GCG prides itself on delivering the goods, aiming for higher standards and a variety of choices. With a sensibility for the high-end and outstanding design, the company keeps on evolving within its segment, offering consistency, as well as a proactive attitude.

2.3. Distribution

– On Time Delivery Across the Globe.

Services - Gysemans Clothing Group Services - Gysemans Clothing Group Services - Gysemans Clothing Group

Gysemans Clothing Group ships collections worldwide, working with international designers, as well as reputable stores. Managing on time delivery across several territories is one of the company’s main concerns and key objectives. This is vital for designers if they want to be taken seriously. With an awareness of the hectic speed of fashion, Marc Gysemans also collaborates with commercial teams, anticipating fabric orders and making sure pieces leave the factory on time. Emphasizing team work and structured communication, GCG has the infrastructure and necessary backup to compete internationally, offering more than 20 years experience in the field of distribution and shipping.

3. Contact

– 55 Wingepark, 3110 Rotselaar, Belgium.

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